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Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Festival) wants Dutch dance makers - from young talent to experienced choreographers - to be able to continue to create new work and share it with you, the audience. Now that performance locations and income for makers are disappearing due to the corona crisis, the support and the stage that the Dutch Dance Festival offers is needed more than ever.

Why this campaign?

This year, the Dutch Dance Festival can mainly be visited digitally. That offers many opportunities, but of course it is a shame that we cannot receive you personally now. Moreover, we miss income from ticket sales. We do not ask you to buy a ticket for this digital edition, but we do invite you to donate. Experiencing what we do now, and donating, means contributing to new development opportunities for dance makers.

Get ready and join us!

This year, you will experience 7 residencies during the Dutch Dance Festival in which we give dance makers the opportunity to develop themselves and their work. We want to continue to do that in the coming year. In fact, we want to emerge stronger from this crisis, together with the dance sector ánd the dance audience, towards a fertile future. Will you help us?

To be able to continue the residency programme in the coming year, we need € 10,000 in additional resources. With your donation you contribute to the co-production of residencies and new work for the 2021 edition of the festival.

Donate now and become part of the future of Dutch dance! Surely you want to have such a unique #dance with me - T-shirt? As a thank you, of course we involve you in creating and showing dance. Meet makers, ask questions and follow the process. Or be exclusively present at an online rehearsal!

What are residencies?

During a residency, the (preliminary) research and the creative process are central, and this is shared intimately with the festival's audience (you!). So you get to see new work having its world premiere and we take you onto a journey as to how the artist created the performance. Exciting for the dance makers, exciting for the public.

In 2020 we will open the residency doors for several dance makers. On the basis of individual conversations with the makers, the research questions are defined and the intended result (for example a performance or presentation of the results) is discussed.

We want to give the available places to a diversity of dance makers. This includes diversity based on the target group for which they work (for example youth), the difference in work practice (for a group or independently) and theme (for example, inclusion). For this edition, on the (virtual) stage will be: Cecilia Moisio, winner of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Young Public 2019; David Middendorp; Connor Schumacher, winner of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Maastricht 2019. Furthermore, there are productions by the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), Peter Leung & Dutch National Ballet, Ann Van den Broek and Redo & Dominique.

€15 Donate Eternal gratitude - Thank you so much for your donation! The Dutch Dance Festival and all dance makers will be eternally grateful. 24 donors €25 Donate Signed postcard - Fantastic! We will send you a signed thank you postcard from one of our ambassadors, no less than Redouan Ait Chitt, Jan Kooijman or Igone de Jongh. 20 donors €35 Donate Recommended Special edition #dansmetmij T-shirt - You will receive the must-have: the special edition #dansmetmij (dance with me) T-shirt! We will get in touch with you about the size. 105 donors €50 Donate #dansmetmij Workshop - Thank you! You will join an exclusive, digital #dansmetmij (dance with me) Workshop in November 2020. 8 donors €75 Donate #dansmetmij T-shirt – Signed by Jan and Igone! - Amazing, this reward is very exclusive! You will receive the must-have #dansmetmij (dance with me) T-shirt, signed by our ambassadors Jan Kooijman and Igone de Jongh. 10 donors No longer available €75 Donate #dansmetmij T-shirt - Signed by Redo! - Amazing, this reward is very exclusive! You will receive the must-have #dansmetmij (dance with me) T-shirt, signed by our ambassador Redouan Ait Chittof. 1 donor No longer available €125 Donate Open your arms, and experience - What a beautiful donation! You are invited to an exclusive online meet & greet with one of the Winners of the Dutch Dance Festival Awards 2020. €250 Donate VIPguest during Masterworks 2021 - Wow! One to look forward to: Two tickets for 'Masterworks' during Dutch Dance Festival 2021, with introduction and special invitation to the celebratory toast, where we raise a glass to Dutch dance. 5 donors
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Wát een week!

12-10-2020 | 18:06 Lieve donateurs,  Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen Digitaal zit er op, en wat een fantastische week was het! Gelukkig kun je nog een paar dagen van alles terugkijken. We zijn overdonderd door jullie enthousiasme, verwondering en hartverwarmende support. Heel, heel erg bedankt!  Laatste kans! We zijn er zó dichtbij... nog €837 te gaan en dan hebben we ons doel van €10.000 voor de residenties bereikt! De campagne loopt overmorgen af, dus voor je vrienden, buren en je treuzelende kleine zusje is het nu de allerlaatste kans om hun #dansmetmij T-shirt te bemachtigen én tegelijkertijd de ontwikkeling van makers te steunen. Geef jij het aan hen door?   Heb jij je T-shirt al? Was je er vroeg bij met je donatie en heb je gekozen voor een #dansmetmij T-shirt? Dan kan het zijn dat je deze al ontvangen hebt! Wij zijn natuurlijk heel benieuwd hoe hij staat, deel je een foto op je Facebook of Instagram met #dansmetmij of mail je hem naar ons? Vinden we leuk! Liefs,  Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen 
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